George Vondriska

End Grain Cutting Board Plans

George Vondriska
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Duration:   27  mins

In this woodworking project demonstration, George Vondriska teaches you how to build a long-lasting end-grain cutting board that will look and work great in your kitchen. He walks through the cutting board plans step-by-step for building the board from scratch, including wood and pattern selection, initial layout, cut mechanics and finishing.

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5 Responses to “End Grain Cutting Board Plans”

  1. Ken Bartholomew

    What happens if you run it through the thickness planer on the end grain and only take off 1/64 at a time and then sand or rout? Will it still tear out badly?

  2. Joe Biggerstaff

    Great explanation as always. What determines the boards thickness, this example was 1 1/2" thick. Whats the thinnest you would build Thx for all you do, Joe.

  3. Jonathan Gross

    I have just started woodworking so my questions may seem pretty basic. what type of clamps are you using and what size maple and cherry wood are you using? Thanks.

  4. miller7551

    What kind and size is the router bit to level the end grain

  5. Charlie

    This looks like a project I might want to attempt, hopefully there's a subtitled version floating around someplace. Being deaf, I get next to nothing from these captionless projects.

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