How to Dispense Pinpoint Epoxy

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Duration: 2:33

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There is a large and growing popularity around working with slab wood and making big, bold table tops with this material. That means dealing with imperfections that you will invariably find in the slabs. Epoxy is a great material for filling voids because it provides an attractive surface that can be sanded flush with the surface of your project, and coated with the same finish that you put on your wood. Most of its attributes are positive; it mixes easily, cures reasonably quickly, looks great and sands smooth. But, like everything, it also has its downsides.

If you have ever felt like you had a mess on your hands after filling wood knots with epoxy or repairing wood cracks, you are not alone. And anyone who has experienced this knows it is not a joy to clean up. It is also disheartening to see so much costly epoxy gets wasted just due to overapplication.

George has done some experimenting and come up with a great solution for you. It is easier and cheaper than you might guess. The approach that you will see in this video includes:

Get the right applicator. George has found that this syringe provides a great solution. It has a nice big opening so it is easy to fill, and the outbound hole is perfect for the viscosity of epoxy.

Apply the epoxy. This syringe lays down a nice even bead that goes into the cracks without pooling up at the surface. If you are careful you will find that you use substantially less epoxy due to the efficiency of application. Stop wasting money on excess epoxy and instead put the money toward that new bandsaw that you’ve been eyeballing!

Now, with your new epoxy applicator, you’re ready to tackle a nice big slab table project!