George Vondriska

Understanding a Starter Set of Lathe Chisels

George Vondriska
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Duration:   10  mins

Are you ready to buy your first set of lathe chisels? Do you need a gouge, scraper, or parting tool? Or all of the above? Here’s some great buying advice that will help you choose your chisels. In addition to learning what chisels you need, you’ll see how the chisels are used.

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10 Responses to “Understanding a Starter Set of Lathe Chisels”

  1. Alec

    ‬ What is a spindle detail gouge? How is it different from a spindle gouge? Thanks!

  2. Alec

    What is a spindle detail gouge? How is it different from a spindle gouge? Thanks!


    Hi George. Speed! New to turning. What speed should we start out at? Especially related to this vid? Also, How can I add this to my youtube list? This is a great way to practice starting out with the tools. Tyvm. Great vid.

  4. stormrider54

    It is my understanding that whenever you purchase a set of lathe chisels they are not ready to be used as you must sharpen them and hone them first. I also understand that when you sharpen them you grind the chisel to your desired angle, 60deg, 45 deg, or whatever. What do you consider to be a good angle for beginners? I figured that I would start off with pen building then moving on to bowls etc. Do bowls etc. require a different set of chisels? Please elaborate, thanks.

  5. David

    Love these videos.

  6. Thomas

    Hi, I am new to wood carving. Could you please tell me what is the name of the equipment you used for spinning the wood? Cheers

  7. Justin Shields

    Thanks for the video, I'm right in that boat of needing to buy some lathe chisels. I guess the only thing I'm still confused about is the difference between the roughing gouge and the large spindle gouge. You said that you can use the spindle gouge, but I might have missed the advantage of using the roughing gouge instead. Thanks again for the info :)

  8. Dan DeBruler

    Thanks for a great refresher. I'm a Premium Member of WWGOA, but I still appreciate all the free info you provide woodworkers to keep them safe and productive.

  9. Randy Welters

    Thanks George, I just bot a lathe so after a few decades since my last turn I enjoyed your bit of a refresher As always, your videos get us back in the shop.

  10. Frances Hoffman

    the link to this video download does not link to this video ,

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