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How to Attach a Miter Saw Laser

George Vondriska
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There are a lot of great reasons for having a laser on a miter saw, but not every saw comes with a miter saw laser. If your machine doesn’t have a laser don’t despair, there’s a solution.

Benefits of a laser
There are some great reasons for having a miter saw laser. A big one is safety. Since the laser shows you exactly where the blade is going to cut, you know where to NOT put your hands. This is great for any user, but especially beneficial for new users.

The laser will also help increase your accuracy. Instead of aligning the blade with your cut line, you can align the laser with your cut line.

There are a couple downsides to adding an aftermarket laser. The lasers shown here don’t come on until the saw is running. When a miter saw laser has been built into a saw you can typically turn it on and off independently of the blade running. Additionally, there’s no way to calibrate the laser. Aftermarket lasers are pretty accurate, and better than nothing, but can’t be dialed in like a built in laser.

Where to get ‘em
There are more choices out there for lasers, but here are two we’ve worked with. The Bosch LS010 and the Oshlun LG-M01 MIter Saw Laser. Be sure to double check that it’s compatible with your miter saw.

Get the most from your miter saw
If you want to make certain you’re getting the most out of your miter saw, check out some additional info from WoodWorkers Guild of America. Double check your saw’s accuracy by having a look at how to set up your miter saw for perfect cuts. And make sure you’re using your saw correctly and safely by checking out the basics of using a miter saw correctly.

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