George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! October 2018

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 6  mins

Thanks to all who joined us for this live stream with George Vondriska. We even had a bench dog on our live tonight. If you missed it, no problem, you can watch it here.

1:13 Big bevel on panels
3:30 Material for cabinet cases
5:00 Titebond III for all projects?
5:18 Sand with the grain with a random orbit sander?
6:56 Paint peeling from exterior project
10:15 Shear angle on router bits
11:32 Glue for end grain applications
12:30 How much space for a shop
13:20 Shop-made router table suggestions
15:16 Dust collection on router tables
16:30 Domino or mortise and tenon
19:05 Heating a shop
20:30 Gluing lignum vitae
21:45 Setting up a shop
23:10 Two Festool Dominoes available. Which size?
24:39 Size of George’s shop
25:08 Poly over Watco?
26:10 Rattle can spray paint
27:08 Peeling the backer from double sided tape
27:48 Bandsaw and pattern cutting
28:53 Material choices for outdoor furniture
30:19 Glue for a dulcimer
31:38 Sizing end grain
33:18 Running CNC machines
34:15 Worms in wood
35:39 Paper-backed veneer over plywood
36:02 Blade change on Powermatic planer
36:55 Methods for making dovetails
38:44 Workbench features
41:58 Killing bugs in wood
42:13 Rockler’s 90-degree angle bracket
43:43 Drilling dog holes in a workbench
48:04 Mesquite hollow form bowl
50:05 Bandsaw blade for resawing
51:18 Harbor Freight clamps?
52:00 Roughing gouge vs standard spindle gouge
54:50 Thickness of edge banding for round table
56:30 Spindle gouge vs bowl gouge
57:27 Hot pipe bending wood

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