George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! November 2019

George Vondriska
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Duration:   58  mins

George Vondriska was joined by Jess Crow, a well-known resin artist, during this months WWGOA LIVE Q&A. Jess discussed different resins and how to choose the right one for your work. She also demonstrated her wave resin technique and, of course, answered questions.

It was great having Jess Crow in my shop for the November LIVE. Here’s what we talked about:

00:45 Jess’ bio
4:00 Jess gloving up for the project
5:25 Mixing resin
6:10 Careful resin mix
7:00 How long to mix resin
8:00 Ipe through the planer?
8:45 Gluing PVC to wood
9:45 Types of epoxy
11:12 Adding powdered colarant
12:35 Resin didn’t cure
14:20 Glass Cast resin?
14:35 Difference between resin and epoxy
15:00 Jess pours on the LIVE project
16:40 Shop temp to do resin work
17:25 Mix jars reusable?
18:30 Manipulating/mixing resin with your fingers
19:00 What resin should I start with?
19:50 Moving the resin with a heat gun
20:10 Heat gun vs torch on resin
21:00 Levelling your work
22:00 Humidity affecting drying?
23:20 Getting a mirror smooth finish without sanding or buffing
24:30 Flag stripes with resin?
25:30 Cure time for resin
26:10 Bubbles from colorant?
27:05 Wood prep before resin
28:00 Resin on a curve
29:40 Minimizing yellowing in resin
30:45 Resin didn’t hold threaded inserts
32:20 Mix more than you need
33:30 Can I put another layer of resin over an existing layer?
34:25 Silicone coaster molds
34:50 “Bubble” effect of mica powder
36:20 Drips on bottom of piece
38:00 Temp on heat gun
38:40 Jess’ resin background
39:40 Jess’ signature resin wave
40:55 How much resin to mix?
41:45 Resin safety
42:45 Resin food safe?
43:30 Woods that won’t accept resin?
45:10 LED lights with resin?
45:30 Block plane to remove drips
45:50 How deep can you pour? Exothermic reactions…
46:55 Resin/pressure pot casting
49:25 Moisture and resin
51:10 Precise resin mix?
51:55 Painting under resin
52:45 Pressure pot
54:50 What resin for 1” deep pour?
56:15 Painted fish under resin
56:30 Resin in silicone mold
57:20 Finding Jess Instagram @crowcreekdesigns

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10 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! November 2019”

  1. David Hanson

    Building a red oak top desk top want a mirror like surface resin pour 6 ft by 4 foot never used epoxy before

  2. Randy Green

    any experience with InLace? How does it compare with the others

  3. Randy Green

    can you zoom in please

  4. Brian

    Are your gloves nitrile or latex?

  5. Brian

    What heat level for the gun?

  6. Linda

    What is a pressure pot?

  7. ROB

    Great that you are doing this really interesting and informative course at the time you are - I'm in Australia and normally to see you, I have to get up real early. Cheers, Rob.

  8. Dave Dixon

    Does the wood surface need to be prepped prior to applying the resin?

  9. Linda

    Jessie's audio needs to be louder

  10. Jody

    How do I get a wavy metallic look in my resin

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