George’s Fingertips – How to Easily Make Accurate Measurements

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Duration: 4:51

You’ve probably seen George lay out woodworking projects using nothing but a pencil and his fingertip. It’s a very fast woodworking technique, and can be very accurate, too. With a little practice and George’s tips on using your fingertips, you can use this woodworking technique, too.

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14 Responses to “George’s Fingertips – How to Easily Make Accurate Measurements”

  1. Peter Breinl

    Great with lots of practice but if the edge is straight I find a square ruler with holes for a fine pencil easier for me

  2. Jim Holland

    I learned this from my shop teacher about 65 years ago. Been using it ever since.

  3. Joe Rogers

    Thanks George. I know you make it look easy but with precise, we can all use this! Sooo much easier and quicker than measuring and snapping a line.

  4. keithm

    My Jr. High shop teacher (ca. 1963) always did the first way.. Coincidentally, his name was Mr. George. For the second way, I typically use a combo square, which I guess makes it a third way. I just find it a bit more accurate and repeatable

    • George Vondriska

      If they’re not getting beat up in the shop, they’re probably meeting their match when I spin a wrench on my 20 year old truck. 🙂

  5. R U Sure

    Would any splinters though cause problems with these techniques? I presume you would inspect the piece first……Great tips ! Thank you.

    • George Vondriska

      Yep, splinters sticking out could be a problem for your fingertips. Checking the board first would be a great idea.


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