George Vondriska

Retrieving a Lost Arbor Nut

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  mins

George Vondriska teaches you a simple and time-efficient method for retrieving an arbor nut or washer that has fallen into the sawdust pile inside your table saw. Rather than trying to take apart the machine or wasting time rummaging around in the pile of stuff, George recommends using an extendable, magnetic pick-up tool.

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6 Responses to “Retrieving a Lost Arbor Nut”

  1. Roger

    Be sure and get the one like George has here in the video with the bigger magnet end. They sell them with a much smaller tip and, trust me, it doesn't have the strength to pick up the washer or the nut. Yes, I have dropped both more than once... :)

  2. Graig McHendrie

    George - your idea is great, but in my experience, the nut or washer is more likely to go down the throat of the dust collection shroud and a ways into the curved dust collection hose that connects the shroud to the opening at the back of the table saw. There, it is out of reach of a magnet with a straight rod. So I keep a small rare earth magnet that has a hole in it attached to the end of a length of twine on my tablesaw cart. Just drop the magnet down the throat of the shroud into the hose, jiggle the twine up and down until you hear it snap to the nut or washer and pull up to retrieve the errant part.

  3. Bob Forbes

    I've used this idea for years but with my own creation. A 1/2 inch rare earth magnet from Lee Valley in a steel cup for that purpose attached to a piece of 1/2 inch dowel,42363

  4. Mel Chan

    George, have admired your broad knowledge and great handyworks. Using a magnet to retrive arbors and nuts are probably pretty common knowledge. A push claw tool should work on areas where other magnetic parts intefer with easy pick up. I found that the magnetic is very handy when re-installing the arbor or nut. Thanks for the all the tips and ideas!!

  5. georgeadair

    No commercial here George and great idea for all. I've got a couple of the extended magnetic wands in the shop because of engine work that shares the wood work and the yard work, well you know how it is. Been using your method for years. It also saves the old knees when that nut hits the floor. There are days I would just prefer not to get down on my knees to pick the darn thing up. Keep up all the good articles.

  6. Art Hackman

    Hi George, not sure you meant to force a commercial on premium viewers, but it did just happen to this member...

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