George Vondriska

Resin River Table Overview

George Vondriska
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Duration:   6  mins

Everyone has the “resin river table fever” these days, and these projects are a beautiful sight to behold when they are properly built. To be sure that you produce a masterpiece, it will be important to follow some basic guidelines when you build your resin river table.

Dam the river. Resin is an expensive material, so you want to be sure that as much of it as possible ends up in your resin river table rather than on your shop floor. To help with this, take careful precautions to form a barrier in every possible area where resin can escape your resin river table. This includes the ends of the resin river table as well as the seams where resin meets wood. A couple of products to have on hand for this include silicone caulk and house wrap tape. Resin won’t stick to either of these materials, so they make great dam materials for a resin river table project.

Prep your environment. Working with resin requires attention to your shop environment. Be sure that the temperature and humidity in your work space fall within the range specified by your resin manufacturer. Taking a shortcut here can prove to be a costly error.

Follow directions on your resin product. Every resin product has specific working instructions. Depth of pour can vary greatly from product to product and manufacturer to manufacturer. Also, what types of pigments can be added might be different, so familiarize yourself with these factors beforehand.

Incorporate other materials. If you want to add other elements such as stones or other artful objects, be sure to work within the specifications of your resin for such things as pour depth, cure time, etc. to achieve the layered effect that you desire.

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