George Vondriska

Reinforcing Mitered Corners with a Spline

George Vondriska
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Mitered corners provide a great way to put boxes together. Once the box is assembled you might choose to add wooden splines to the joint for a variety of reasons. A splined miter joint is significantly stronger than a miter without splines, and wooden splines can also become a decorative element.

How to do it

The router table provides a great way to create a splined miter joint, thanks to the clean cuts that router bits provide. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of straight bits, allowing for different sizes of splines, or choose to use a dovetail bit for an even more decorative look. The key to making this work is a sled that will securely guide your box over the router bit. After the cut has been made you can make the wooden spline itself on the router table, or using a table saw, depending on the spline’s shape.

More on boxes

A wooden box that you might use as a keepsake or recipe box is a great woodworking project, and a great gift. WoodWorkers Guild of America can help you, step by step, when you’re ready to get started making wooden boxes.

Joinery options

One of the great things about woodworking is the variety of ways different tasks can be accomplished. If you’re not ready to cut miters, no problem. There are so many woodworking joints available you can match the joinery you use to your skill set and your tools.

More info

For more information on the MLCS Spline Jig visit or call (800) 533-9298

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9 Responses to “Reinforcing Mitered Corners with a Spline”

  1. Samuel MArrero

    I built once a jig similar to the one you show. But the one you show is more accurate. Do you have a plan on how to build one?

    • WWGOA Team

      This one was not shop made, but it is available from MLCS Woodworking.(ZD: 3350)

  2. captbruce

    None of the three videos provided as links will play. Please advise. Capt Bruce

    • Customer Service

      Thank you for commenting!
      The links in the description of this video are to articles or to a different website. They are not video links.

  3. Wayne

    I really enjoyed this video. I’m planning on making boxes for gifts. Can a woodworker make or buy the jigs which produce the splines? Let me know. The video was self explanatory.

  4. roger

    SOLD!! mine is in the mail… Note, once the shape of the spline is defined, one needs to take material off of just ONE side until the fit is right.

    • DAVID

      This is true only if you need to make only one spline block. If you want to make more than one board’s worth, taking equal material from both sides is needed.

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