Product Review: ISOtunes Pro

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Duration: 2:04

ISOtunes Pro headphones offer some cool benefits for woodworkers: Bluetooth connection to your phone, hearing protection, and—what I think is the coolest feature—suppression of background noise when you’re on the phone. That means you can keep workin’ while you’re talkin’. This video provides you with an example of just how the noise suppression works. Check out this article for a more in-depth review of this cool new product.

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One Response to “Product Review: ISOtunes Pro”

  1. Bill

    Music and audio books or being on the phone should not be done when using your equipment. I am an Instructor in a Furniture and wood working class and we have banned them for because of there distraction.

    Equipment in Motion
    Wearing personal headphones in the workplace also presents a hazard for personnel operating moving equipment, such as lift trucks. For the operator of moving equipment auditory cues in the environment can be essential elements of safety. Verbal directions or even orders for an emergency stop can be obscured by the use of personal headphones.

    Personal headphones present a distraction to the worker wearing them. In a high-risk situation such as crane operations or work on the deck of a ship, Personal headphones will interfere with the use of radio equipment used to control such operations. Such distractions can lead to injury or death should a worker become trapped or crushed by a moving load.

    In the Office
    The use of headphones in an office space or other locations where there is little danger of being struck by moving equipment, depends on an individual employer’s culture and general office courtesy. Those who suffer from a disruptive auditory condition, such as tinnitus — a constant ringing or buzzing in the ears — may experience some relief from the use of headphones that deliver music or a masking sound.

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