George Vondriska

Planing Furniture Legs

George Vondriska
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Duration:   7  mins

Watching our videos is a terrific way to learn how to build furniture. In this video, you’ll learn how to make wooden furniture legs that are planed to be dimensionally identical. Each step of the process is explained and demonstrated in real time so you can take what you’ve learned and apply it directly to your own projects.

How to Make Wooden Furniture With Perfect Legs

Whether the legs are ripped from one solid piece of wood or glued up from several layers, a planer ensures that all of the legs have the same dimensions. The process involves running the legs through the planer multiple times–run it through, flip it 90° and run it through again.

A Marking Trick

Discover a simple tip that’ll help you keep track of the legs and which sides have been planed. A pencil is all you need!

Multiple Passes

The first pass of the legs through the planer is the hardest. The workpieces usually have some irregularities, but the planer takes care of that. Then you’ll make an adjustment and send the pieces through the planer again.

Consistency vs. Accuracy

When the legs have been passed through the planner, you’ll give them a thorough visual inspection. Still see some pencil marks? If so, run the piece through the planer again. You can also measure the dimensions to see if the legs are the size they’re supposed to be. Even If they’re slightly off the target dimensions, because they’ve been planed using this process, they’ll be identical. And, as you learn more about how to make wooden furniture with our woodworking videos, you’ll understand why consistency is sometimes more important than accuracy.

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