Pipe Clamp Buying Advice

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Duration: 3:32

How many clamps do you have in your shop? How many of them are pipe clamps? There are so many forms of pipe clamps in the marketplace, this video will help you understand what they’re all about, and how to choose the best one for your shop and your woodworking.

Traditional style

Bessey’s Traditional Style pipe clamp offers a stable foot that pushes the clamp and handle higher off the table, That makes it easier to spin the handle as you tighten the clamp. A hex head on the spindle lets you advance the clamp with a driver. Clamp pads are included.

H style

The H-shaped base makes these clamps very stable, and extra high above the work surface. Pads are included.

Deep reach

Deep reach clamps are great for reaching beyond where conventional pipe clamps will get you. The throat depth on these is 2-½”. Use these clamps for face-to-face glue-ups like you’d do for turning blanks, or for clamping cauls over veneer.

Gluing up panels

A very common clamping scenario is edge gluing boards to make wide panels. Check out the great video and tips we have on this topic.

More info

For more information on these clamps visit the company’s website or call (800) 828-1004.

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One Response to “Pipe Clamp Buying Advice”

  1. Dennis Lierz
    Dennis Lierz

    A couple of other advantages to mention. You can buy various lengths of pipe to create a clamp of virtually any length. I also use couplers to put a couple of pipes together to create something longer if I do not have the length I need.