George Vondriska

One-Handed Clamp Review

George Vondriska
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As someone who works alone most of the time, clamping stuff together can offer challenges. I’m trying to hold something with one hand, manipulate and tighten a clamp with the other hand… This can get frustrating.

Bessey’s one-handed clamps provide a great solution to this problem. Just like the name says you can easily manipulate the clamps with one hand.

Squeeze or spread

Putting stuff together? Use the squeeze function. Taking stuff apart? Try the spread function. Choosing squeeze or spread is easy. On some Bessey clamps you simply reverse one jaw. On others you turn a dial.

Pounds of pressure

When you’re shopping one handed clamps match the pressure the clamp can apply to the work you’ll be doing. Bessey’s one-handed clamps offer a significant pressure range, from 40 pounds to 1000 pounds.


Bessey’s light duty clamps and regular duty clamps are available in 6” to 36” lengths. Medium duty clamps are available in 6” to 24” lengths. Heavy duty clamps are available in 12” and 24” lengths.

More info

For more information on Bessey products visit Bessey’s web site.

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