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Next Wave Router Table

George Vondriska
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Next Wave CNC has been known in the CNC industry for a long time. One of their latest innovations is the RS 1000 router table. Imagine CNC-like control of your router table fence and the bit you’ve installed in the table, and you have the RS 1000.

The fob

You’ll see a fob, or pendant, attached to the router table in the video. This is the brain of the system. Use it to manually move the fence and change the height of the bit, within .001”, or use the preprogrammed info to really simplify your work.

A number of joints are already set up, via a wizard, within the fob. Box joints, dados, fluting, even lock miters. A great aspect of that is that if you THINK you’re done making a joint or cut, then realize later you need to duplicate it, you can easily hit all the same settings by using the wizard.

Touch plate

Tim from Next Wave CNC refers to a touch plate. This is common in the CNC world. A touch plate is used to find a zero point for the depth of the router bit and the location of the fence, relative to the bit. Once the fob has this information it’s easy to set the fence position and bit height.

Their CNC machines

Next Wave’s Piranha is one of the first products of theirs I looked at. Since then the family has grown, a lot, with many different sizes of CNC routers available today.

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3 Responses to “Next Wave Router Table”

  1. DanD

    I want one. So far I've not found anyone who actually has it available.

  2. Alex Holenko



    This new CNC makes the old ones look like something from the backyard! This is more than awesome, it is the future of woodworking. This has me blown away!

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