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Meet Jimmy Diresta

George Vondriska
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Duration:   4  mins

This is gonna be so cool and so fun. Jimmy Diresta is in George’s shop for some video work. Who is Jimmy Diresta?? You’re about to find out.

Jimmy’s background

Jimmy worked in his Dad’s shop as a kid, which was formative in what he does today. Like he says, the shops he uses today are just bigger forms of his Dad’s shop.

Jimmy as a toy maker

After completing art school Jimmy worked on creating toys. Designing, figuring out the manufacturing, visiting manufacturers–Jimmy did it all. He did this for about 20 years.

His YouTube channel

With 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Jimmy has lots going on there. One of the coolest aspects of what Jimmy captures on video is that he isn’t painted into just one making corner. He does a little bit of everything. Woodworking, welding, rehabbing old cars and a bunch more.

Check out Jimmy’s work

If you want to know more about Jimmy or check out the cool stuff he sells head on over to his website. And keep your eyes peeled for Jimmy’s videos on our website.

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