George Vondriska

A Mirror Reflects Perfect Holes

George Vondriska
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Duration:   2  mins

Need a hole drilled at a perfect right angle, but can’t use a drill press? Let’s reflect on this; literally. An acrylic mirror provides the perfect solution for drilling perfect holes at a right angle to the work surface, even with a hand held drill. You’re going to love this tip.

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4 Responses to “A Mirror Reflects Perfect Holes”

  1. Martin Hurst

    A very good simple and practical way to drilling straight. I'm ordering some acrylic mirrors from Amazon to have next time I need to do this. Thanks for posting this tip.

  2. Draza Mrvichin

    This looks interesting

  3. Tom Stuart

    Great tip. I have an old CD which I use. It has a mirrored surface on one side. It is easy to keep track of and also works for holes on vertical surfaces.

  4. Tomas Pekny

    It's great, it would really occur to me, thanks for your trick! Tom

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