George Vondriska

Hand Nailing with No Hammer Kisses

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  mins

Most of us might use pneumatic nailers, but every once in a while you’ve got to hand nail something. The danger with this is the possibility of hitting your project, instead of the nail. And hammer kisses aren’t all that attractive. Here’s a dirt simple, dirt cheap way to make certain that you won’t mar your woodworking projects when you’re hand driving a nail.

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5 Responses to “Hand Nailing with No Hammer Kisses”

  1. Jim

    After seeing your video, I came up an idea. Cut a 3" to 4" dia. circle, with a short handle as part of it. Would kind of look like a short, stubby handled fly-swatter. Drill a 3/8" hole in the center of the circle. Could be cut out of a piece of thin plywood door skin, or sheet metal. Just a thought.

  2. Mike

    George, another great tip, Thanks. Also great looking 'Cider' planter box, any chance there is video or plans for it?

  3. Robert Gearon

    Tip, if you do ding your wood a lot of times you can use an iron on a damp rag to lift the wood fibers of the dent back up. That tip came from Tommy off this old house, it works. I've done it on door casings from. Moving finiture, if you cut the fiber you can add wood glue to help set them back into place. I've also fixed broken rail spindles with wood glue by placing the spindle back in its place without cutting into it. Its not a strong joint, but it can go back together and look good.

  4. Robert Vallero

    Great tip, George. I keep a supply of old plastic gift cards around for the same purpose. They are also useful when using an air nailer to minimize the dimpling from the nailer.

  5. Tom

    I used to volunteer on Habitat for Humanity houses a few years ago...The Project foreman nicknamed me "Lightning" for that EXACT reason...

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