George’s Handmade Gifts

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I routinely craft handmade gifts in the months leading up to the Big Day. (Sometimes it’s a little last minute.) Here’s a look at what Santa recently did. Maybe you can borrow some ideas.

Top 4 Handmade Gifts


The plaque I made for my sister was cut on a CNC router, but you could do a similar project with lettering templates and a handheld router. What really makes this project pop is the epoxy that was poured into the lettering. I added pink dye to the epoxy to commemorate her work raising money for breast cancer research.


I used the Rockler bluetooth speaker kit to make these babies.This is a small-scale project, so a great way to use up scrap. These could be as simple as a couple holes drilled in a piece of cool looking wood. The sound quality is good and provides enough volume for a small room. I had a bunch of spalted and curly maple, rosewood and paduak that I used for these speakers.

Gingerbread man

These were cut on CNC. You could possibly pattern cut them with a hand-held router, but honestly these are best made on a CNC. I used gingerbread clip art I found on the internet, and then cut the projects from walnut.

Kitchen knives

The knives I made started with a Nakiri knife kit and a paring knife kit. The woodworking part of this is making the handle, which can be done with standard woodworking tools. This is another great way to use up small, cool scraps.

We’re here to help if you need more ideas for handmade gifts.

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  1. Michael Hille
    Michael Hille

    Really like your knife handles. I will have to use the contrasting liner idea on the next knives I make. Thank you, Cal