George and Jimmy’s Glue Tips

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Jimmy Diresta was in George’s shop recently so we got the two of them together to talk about glue tips. Like choosing the right tool, it’s important to choose the right glue, and the right techniques for applying the glue.

Filling voids

CA (cyanoacrylate) glue is great for filling voids. Mix it with sawdust from the board you’re working on to get a really good color match.

Trim your brush

When you want to make it easier to get glue into a tight spot, like a mortise, spend a little time trimming the glue brush with a pair of scissors to make the tip more defined. This makes it easier to get in the mortise.


If you paint MDF you’ll notice that the edges of the MDF soak up a lot of paint. Get a more uniform finish by pre-painting the edges with yellow glue.

Spread glue with threads

When you’re trying to get glue spread over a wide area use a piece of threaded rod like a mastic knife to spread the glue uniformly.

Make your own dough

Mix sawdust from the project with yellow glue to make a ball of putty you can press into the recess. This creates a thicker bodied putting than CA glue, so works on vertical surfaces.

More tack time

When you have complicated glue ups you can get yourself more working time by using Extend Glue. This product gives you more time to get it together.


Tips about spreading glue, making long boards out of short boards, what’s the deal with hide glue, and a bunch of other glue tips.

WWGOA has lots more gluing and clamping tips for you.

More info

For more information about Titebond glues visit the company’s website or call (800) 877-4583.

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