George Vondriska

Fall 2021 Product Showcase: Woodmaster

George Vondriska
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Duration:   13  mins

The Woodmaster planer is a multi-function tool. It can be used as a planer, drum sander, molder and can also be used to gang rip pieces. With all those functions it’s good to know what it takes to change over from one function to another.

It’s important to know that Woodmaster has done a very good job with the owner’s manual for this tool. The steps for changing from one function to another are very well laid out and easy to follow.

The planer is available with straight knives or a helical head. The helical head provides a shear cut with very good cut quality. The head is made up of individual four-sided carbide cutters. When one edge gets dull simply rotate to a new edge. No knives to align.

How cool would it be to make ALL of the molding that you use in your house? Or, when you have that special project going in your shop, to make the molding your use on the project. The ability to make your own molding is a huge benefit when you’re working with species that are a little unusual. You may not be able to buy butternut molding, but you can certainly make it on a Woodmaster. Woodmaster has an array of molding knives.

The rip function is great, and beats leaning over a table saw, when you need LOTS of the same width pieces. They could be for the molding you’re going to make, or for something like cabinet face frames.

Have a look at what it takes to get from one function to another and for more info on Woodmaster visit the company’s website or call (888) 594-7391.

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3 Responses to “Fall 2021 Product Showcase: Woodmaster”

  1. Duane Throckmorton

    Is woodmaster out of buisness? When I click on the link in the comments below it takes me to a wood burning stove company.

  2. DON

    The website is is wood burning stoves.

  3. Earl Ryder Jr

    How much is this machine and where do you get one?

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