George Vondriska

Dovetail Jig Buying Advice

George Vondriska
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Duration:   7  mins

Dovetail joints are a beautiful addition to your woodworking projects, so master woodworker George Vondriska shares his buying advice on what to look for when purchasing a dovetail jig. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video clip.

Joinery Jig provided by Prazi. For more information, visit

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8 Responses to “Dovetail Jig Buying Advice”


    Hi George, The video popped up on my app this morning. I ran it and touched the link. PraziUSA does not have the Jig on their website. Do you know anyone that offers it for sale?

  2. Carl Wagner

    The jig used in this video is exactly what I have been looking for. While I love the dovetail joint, I much prefer the look of a "hand cut" look. With all the dovetail jigs I have seen, you are locked into a set pattern and size . But this jig looks to be exactly what I need for my shop. Where can I get it? I looked on praziusa and was unable to find it. Maybe you can help. I very much enjoy your videos and all the articles, keep up the great work. I hope to someday be as knowledgeable as you. Thanks

  3. tcairo

    Good afternoon I am looking for a dovetail that I can use with my router table. Since I do not have a hand held router and do not want to take apart the router table every time I need it would like to find one I can use with the table. Tony

  4. John Besharian

    I picked up a "ChestMateā„¢" several years ago at Sears for, if memory serves, about $30.00. It was a display model & is missing the video and the bits. I foolishly tossed it on a back shelf and have studiously ignored it ever since. Your demonstration of its heretofore "Hidden" capabilities have inspired me to brush off the dust on the box and clear the cobwebs from my mind and put it to use. Thanks. (I'll send for their video, if they still have it and pick up the bits w/carbide cutters from Whiteside.)

  5. jps4145

    When I went to praziusa your link, they do not recognize the term dovetail jig and show no such tools??

  6. Anthony

    Hello Video does not work : / Commercials Only\

  7. Steven Schwid

    If dowel joints are your choice then strongly consider the DowelMax jig. It is versatile, easy to use and produces a strong and stable joint.

  8. Mike Grawvunder

    Hi George. I hope you can answer my question regarding this jig. I am going to be making our kitchen cabinets. Due to my wife's health issues and limited mobility, I am going to make all the lower cabinets with pull out shelves instead of shelves. As such, I am debating on the best way to make a lot of drawers. I have been thinking of dovetails as they would be the strongest joint, but don't have the money for a jig like Katie or Leigh. I could cut them by hand but it will be a LOT of drawers to cut. I saw the Prazi Jig in a magazine review and your demonstration of it here. It looks like it might work, but was wondering how fast would it be having to move it for every joint. It also seems more limiting on the size of the joint it makes. What are your thoughts on the usefulness on this jig for using this jig for a whole kitchen worth of drawers. The other joint I was considering is the drawer lock joint. This seems like a quick and easy joint to make with a router table. I could use my pin nailer to help hold it together. I am just not sure on the how long a joint like that would last under daily use of kitchen cabinets. I will be using solid wood not plywood for the drawers. Mike

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