George Vondriska

DIY Epoxy Dominoes

George Vondriska
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Duration:   15  mins

If you enjoy playing dominoes, then you will love making and using your own epoxy dominoes set. Now, when you are on Woodworkers Guild of America, and you see a video about dominoes, you might jump to the conclusion that you are going to learn about making your own loose tenons to work with your Domino joinery tool, but that is not the case. Here we are talking about making a beautiful two-colored epoxy dominoes set for the game of dominoes.

When you look at the multi-colored pieces you might become concerned that this is a challenging project that could push you outside of your comfort zone, but in fact it is quite simple to make your own epoxy dominoes set by following the steps that George walks us through:

Do the two-step. To establish a crisp distinction between the two colors, you will pour the resin in two steps. First, add the colorant to the first batch, and carefully pour it to the appropriate level in your mold. If you go too deep, you will lose the effect of a contrasting color in the dimples. Remove the bubbles from the resin, and set aside for curing.

Second pour. When the first step has cured to the appropriate point, mix up your second batch of resin, add the second color, and layer it evenly on top of the first layer. Once again, remove the bubbles from the resin.

Cure and pop loose. After an appropriate cure time, you can simply pop the dominoes loose from the mold and you are ready to play with your epoxy dominoes set.

After you master the use of resin on this project, you are ready to apply your skill to something like George’s unique bullet bowl, or one of the many other resin projects we offer.

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