George Vondriska

Cutting Templates and Inlays with a Laser Engraver

George Vondriska
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Duration:   10  mins

George Vondriska demonstrates how to use an Epilog laser engraver to cut templates and inlays in your shop.

Laser engraver provided by Epilog Laser. For more information, visit, and check out this other WWGOA video on laser engravers!

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2 Responses to “Cutting Templates and Inlays with a Laser Engraver”

  1. Joe

    Thank you for sharing, George. Is the black around the image that was burned into (removed from) the handle just on the surface and easily removed with light sanding? Also, since your substrate can burn, does the final product have a black line around the outside where the two pieces join? I couldn't tell from the video.

  2. Jay

    That was very interesting. I don't have a CNC machine, which this laser resembles. How much did it cost? What other software is required? How long did it take you to master it? How often do you use it? Thank you.

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