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Product Spotlight: Bessey Clamps

George Vondriska
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Duration:   11  mins

When we come across products that we really like, we like to tell you about them. And that’s the deal with the new Bessey Revo clamps. You wouldn’t think a company could progress much with something as simple as a clamp, but Bessey has done it.

Lots of other features

Let’s have a look at some of the other cool things Bessey has done with their Revo clamps:
The pads on the jaws easily slide off. You can replace them as needed and, if you get glue on them, slide the pad off, flex it, and the glue will pop off.

There’s an additional pad you can put on the jaws that spreads the clamp pressure, and allows you to clamp angled surfaces.
The clamp heads are reversible. You can apply pressure to spread, in addition to squeezing. This is a great help if you need to disassemble stuff.

The handles have a grip coating on them that makes them MUCH easier to tighten then comparable wooden handles. If you need to, you can use an Allen wrench on the handle to apply additional pressure, or to loosen a really tight clamp. You can also get a “bridge” that will let you join two clamps together for bigger glue ups

Where to put all these clamps

With any luck, you’ll end up with a shop full of clamps. Here are some tips on organizing and storing your clamps.

Getting it all together

There’s more to assembling projects than just slapping on glue and squeezing the heck out of the parts with a few clamps. Let WWGOA help you with the ins and outs of easy project assembly.

More info

Visit the Bessey Tools website for more info.

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5 Responses to “Product Spotlight: Bessey Clamps”

  1. Bradley McNamar

    Ticket 37348 One question I can't get my head around...If one uses the black things that help keep the panels off the metal part of the clamp itself it that not just begging to have a bow or somehow an unevenness in the panel? How does it stay level if there are not those clip things continuously across the clamping piece?

  2. Denis

    Excellent video. I learned a lot about my recently purchased clamps.

  3. bob9

    Where can these clamps be purchased? The clamps shown on BesseyTool and various supply sites show only clamps with fixed end stops and not the removable 'push button' stops.

  4. Roger

    I've always respected Bessey. Have a pair of the 48" clamps, I treasure. I have to have these new ones after this preview. I wish I had them before I made my oak desk top for my 2nd desk.

  5. John

    What are the best lengths and number of parallel clamps to have if one can't afford two dozen clamps?

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