Benefits of a Track Saw

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Duration: 6:42

Your woodworking life will be easier if you cut sheet goods down to rough size before heading for the table saw, a great job for a circular saw and track system. In addition to rough cutting pieces to size, a track saw can be used to miter carcase sides, cross cut large pieces to length, and cut angles on large pieces. All tasks that are difficult to do on a table saw.

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5 Responses to “Benefits of a Track Saw”

  1. Antonio

    I have a circular saw and would like to know where I can buy a track to get more benefits of this tool

  2. Christopher Hudson

    My shop is 12 x 16. Yet with a track saw, now for close to 5 years, no problem with 8′ rips, and easily 24″ crosscuts. However, I would recommend a ‘real’ tracksaw – I have the Festool TS-55. Yes, its horribly expensive. But IMO, its perhaps the one Festool really worth its exorbitant price. Particularly when you cut something like case-hardened 8/4 oak – you will appreciate the riving knife for safety. About the only thing its NOT good for – narrow rips from narrow stock. (The narrow board can be poorly supported under the track – but you can use a second board side-by-side underneath, which helps). Other than that, I rarely use my DW-745 at all.

  3. Larry Rosenberg

    Looks to be a standard circular saw with a base attached. No dust collection and the quality of cut leaves something to be desired.

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