George Vondriska

Tips for Large Carcass Assembly

George Vondriska
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Duration:   7  mins

George Vondriska demonstrates the proper way to assemble a melamine carcass that he will turn into a cabinet for the bathroom in his home. Using an 18-volt compact Bosch drill and driver, George teaches you the step-by-step woodworking process for drilling and screwing the individual pieces together.

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13 Responses to “Tips for Large Carcass Assembly”

  1. Ellen De Smet

    I was Belgium, we usually use a type of biscuit joiner which is called a Lamello (that’s a brand name, in particular model Zeta P2) with their particular types of slide-in “lamellos” to join sides to tops and bottoms, or slides to fit shelves over,...a click system, with or without additional glue. Wondering if something similar is used in the US because so far I haven’t seen it used in any videos I’ve watched so far (was looking for demo video on correct setup of those things)?

  2. Jason

    What are the model numbers for the Bosch drill and impact driver? I'm looking for a smaller set for the shop. Near as I can tell, it's this combo set:

  3. Andrew

    Hi, sorry for the newbie question, but what is the appropriate way to set up the all-in-one-countersink drill bit? For example, do you set the countersink so that the drill bit drills completely through the first piece of wood and about 1/4" into the mating piece?

  4. Steve

    Because your fasteners are going into particle board, I would have recommended a different type of screw (deeper threads with a wider pitch), and one that was at least 3 times the thickness of the material or 2-1/4 inches long. It is a real speed saver to have separate cordless drill and driver tools though.

  5. Barry

    HI, you had a few questions asked but as yet not answered. By the dates shown they must have been seen since one of your answers were on a much later date than the date of one of the unanswered question (May 3). Once they are answered will you please send me an email so I can view your answers?

  6. bill leach

    I know your way is faster but a few dados would make it a lot stronger and easier to assemble.

  7. Bill Vanca

    I've been shopping for decent counter sink drill bits. What type and brand counter sink is George using in this video? Thanks in advance!

  8. william j Leach Jr

    I understand it is quicker but a few dados would make it a whole lot stronger and easier to assemble.

  9. John Sibley

    This video on assembling a large carcase was interesting and informative. However, I was waiting in anticipation for the large CARCASS that the lead line of the video referred to. Did I miss it?

  10. Bob Terrell

    Dry wall screws?????

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