ArborTech Wood Carving Power Tools

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Duration: 6:40

Want to let your creative juices flow? Try wood carving. It’s a great way to let your creative inner self out. And wood carving power tools provide a great way to do both carving and sculpting.

Making it Easy

Wood carving power tools make carving and sculpting easy. No need to hone chisels. Most of the power carving tools mount to an angle grinder. Angle grinders provide plenty of oomph and, with their side-mount handles, plenty of control. The individual carving tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose the tool that works best for your woodworking project.

Guides if you Need Them

While carving and sculpting are often free flow, organic forms of woodworking, you may have situations in which you want more control over the final product. You may need to control the depth of cut, or produce a straight edge. Many wood carving power tools have allowances for this, giving you the best of both worlds; freehand and guided carving.

Power Sanding, too

Once the carving or sculpting is done, you may need to do a little sanding. Like the carving tools, there are power sanding tools that will run on an angle grinder, helping you get things silky smooth.

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  1. Larry

    Where can a novice as myself buy a power carbide bit such as the one you cut the cypress root? I’m cutting into a small tree log for the same concept as you. However, I can’t find the bits to so the job.NB Ticket 23227

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