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Adjusting Miter Saw Laser

George Vondriska
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Having a laser on a miter saw is a great benefit. From a safety perspective, it shows you where the cut is about to be made, so you can make sure nothing that you don’t want cut is in line with the saw blade. From an accuracy perspective, a correctly set laser makes it easy to align the saw blade with the pencil line on your work. The key to this is the part about being correctly set. Like any tool, a laser on a miter saw is only as good as its set up.

Working On Alignment

Besure you get going, you’re going to have to check the owner’s manual for the saw. Yeah, I know it’s against our nature to read owner’s manuals, but you’ll need to know the specific adjustments on your saw in order to get everything correctly set.

Checking the laser’s position relative to the blade is easy, and is outlined on the video. And, the video shows you how to easily tweak the laser’s position to get it perfectly dialed in.

No laser on your saw?

If your miter saw doesn’t have a laser, in some cases a laser can be added. Attaching a miter saw laser isn’t hard. But keep in mind that after market lasers typically aren’t adjustable.

Is your saw cutting square?

Correctly setting the laser is just one part of miter saw set-up. Setting up your miter saw for perfect cuts will ensure that 90-degree angles really are 90. The process is simple. The payoff is significant.

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