George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! March 2016

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs

The luck of the Irish was with us, we had no technical issues at all. Here’s what we covered, and where you can find it in the archived video.

1:03 Books on rustic furniture
2:15 Mixing dye with stains/preconditioning wood
8:20 Drilling holes for marbles in games boards
11:20 User friendly CAD software (WWGOA SketchUp Class)
11:20 Setting up lock miter bits (For more info, look at Cutting a Lock Miter Joint)
15:20 Sharpening lathe tools (More here on sharpening lathe chisels and low speed grinders)
21:23 Sheba the Benchdog
21:30 Applying shellac, it’s drying too fast
22:40 Wrapping sandpaper on a drum sander (More on this here: Wrapping Sandpaper on a Drum Sander)
28:50 Painting Corian (solid surface countertop material)
30:58 Software for CNC routing
31:58 End grain cutting boards and finish (More here on making an end grain cutting board)
34:58 Glue for cutting boards
36:02 Adding a dust port to a band saw
38:13 Jointer set up (Info on setting jointer knives and Mastering the Jointer)
44:27 Brushing on finish or spraying finish?
45:15 Table saw choice: Hybrid vs contractor
46:22 Dewaxed shellac or wood conditioner?
47:10 George’s clean shop (Video download on shellac)
48:19 Pith in bowl blanks (How to Cut Bowl Blanks from Logs)
52:19 Finish for tables (Lots of info here on wood finishing techniques)
52:45 How much glue to apply
55:00 Machines used for sharpening lathe chisels
55:56 George’s shop
58:08 Finding content on
59:20 Tools for beginner woodworks (George’s Top Five Stationary Tools)
1:02:12 George’s favorite St Paddy’s Day joke

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