WWGOA LIVE! February 2020

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Duration: 55:32

Thanks for joining in on the February LIVE event.

1:20 WWGOA on Roku devices
2:40 George and a dust mask
3:50 Cabinet for heavy cast iron sink
6:20 Sanding on a lathe
7:40 Measuring the angle on a V bit
9:40 Hardwood suppliers in Denver?
10:20 Air purifiers in George’s shop
10:45 Are router bits universal?
12:20 Wax for hand plane sole
12:50 Preventing rust on tools
13:15 Router table size
13:55 Residue from hot glue?
14:15 Set for hand tools?
14:40 Giving pine a weathered look
16:25 Oil for rosewood table?
16:50 Bench dogs and hold downs in George’s bench
19:20 Finish for heart pine
20:15 Starting a small woodworking business
20:50 Advice for a small shop
21:00 Jess Crow’s videos
21:20 Size of a bow tie
22:00 Alder substitute
23:20 Steam bending
24:25 WWGOA on Roku
26:00 First dovetails?
26:30 Using a Performax drum sander
27:00 Using a random orbit sander
28:13 Bowtie templates and inserts
28:50 Routing rabbets
29:20 Jig for drilling adjustable shelf holes
29:20 Building a dust collector?
31:20 CNC recommendation
32:25 Climb vs conventional cut on a CNC
33:15 Finish for a butcher block
34:00 Dust collection for a planer
34:50 Upcut vs downcut spiral bits
36:00 Dovetail jigs
36:40 Warped plywood
37:15 Commercially made workbenches
37:38 Changing tires on a bandsaw
38:40 How many clamps?
39:20 George’s teaching schedule
40:15 Finish for cherry doors?
40:40 Router fence
41:13 Finishing in a basement
42:10 Plywood bits?
43:35 Cleaning sandpaper
45:50 Laser engraving pens
46:45 George’s workbench
47:00 Akeda dovetail jig
47:40 Chisel set
48:25 George’s hearing protection
49:00 Grrripper
49:20 Making interior doors
50:10 Heating a shop
50:55 SawStop 3 hp vs 1.5 hp
51:45 Routing “uphill”
52:37 WWGOA on Roku

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9 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! February 2020”

  1. Daniel

    HI George: Looking for advice on where/how to find “rough” hardwood lumber. I’m in Denver.Basic Google searching hasn’t been fruitful.

    • Customer Service

      Hey Daniel,

      It looks like George answered this on the stream yesterday!

      Woodworkers Guild of America Video Membership

  2. gilbert rodriguez

    After building a cabinet I usually go straight to using couple coats of polyurethane any finishing problems? Will it last long?

  3. wideerhunters

    I have a 40′ x 60′ shed and my woodworking tools take up about 20′ x 20′. Don’t want to put a hole through the roof for ventilation. Do you have a recommendation for a heater type?

  4. TODD

    I have significant difficulty with routing an edge when going uphill on fir. The wood splinters. Is there a way to handle routing uphil which is often needed on curved parts.

    • Customer Service

      Hey Todd,

      It looks like your question was answered yesterday on the live stream!

      Woodworkers Guild of America Video Membership

  5. Clay Bearden

    How are the two one inch Baltic birch sheets connected on your work surface, lots of glue or screws?