George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! February 2020

George Vondriska
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Duration:   55  mins

Thanks for joining in on the February LIVE event.

1:20 WWGOA on Roku devices
2:40 George and a dust mask
3:50 Cabinet for heavy cast iron sink
6:20 Sanding on a lathe
7:40 Measuring the angle on a V bit
9:40 Hardwood suppliers in Denver?
10:20 Air purifiers in George’s shop
10:45 Are router bits universal?
12:20 Wax for hand plane sole
12:50 Preventing rust on tools
13:15 Router table size
13:55 Residue from hot glue?
14:15 Set for hand tools?
14:40 Giving pine a weathered look
16:25 Oil for rosewood table?
16:50 Bench dogs and hold downs in George’s bench
19:20 Finish for heart pine
20:15 Starting a small woodworking business
20:50 Advice for a small shop
21:00 Jess Crow’s videos
21:20 Size of a bow tie
22:00 Alder substitute
23:20 Steam bending
24:25 WWGOA on Roku
26:00 First dovetails?
26:30 Using a Performax drum sander
27:00 Using a random orbit sander
28:13 Bowtie templates and inserts
28:50 Routing rabbets
29:20 Jig for drilling adjustable shelf holes
29:20 Building a dust collector?
31:20 CNC recommendation
32:25 Climb vs conventional cut on a CNC
33:15 Finish for a butcher block
34:00 Dust collection for a planer
34:50 Upcut vs downcut spiral bits
36:00 Dovetail jigs
36:40 Warped plywood
37:15 Commercially made workbenches
37:38 Changing tires on a bandsaw
38:40 How many clamps?
39:20 George’s teaching schedule
40:15 Finish for cherry doors?
40:40 Router fence
41:13 Finishing in a basement
42:10 Plywood bits?
43:35 Cleaning sandpaper
45:50 Laser engraving pens
46:45 George’s workbench
47:00 Akeda dovetail jig
47:40 Chisel set
48:25 George’s hearing protection
49:00 Grrripper
49:20 Making interior doors
50:10 Heating a shop
50:55 SawStop 3 hp vs 1.5 hp
51:45 Routing “uphill”
52:37 WWGOA on Roku

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5 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! February 2020”

  1. Clay Bearden

    How are the two one inch Baltic birch sheets connected on your work surface, lots of glue or screws?

  2. TODD

    I have significant difficulty with routing an edge when going uphill on fir. The wood splinters. Is there a way to handle routing uphil which is often needed on curved parts.

  3. wideerhunters

    I have a 40' x 60' shed and my woodworking tools take up about 20' x 20'. Don't want to put a hole through the roof for ventilation. Do you have a recommendation for a heater type?

  4. gilbert rodriguez

    After building a cabinet I usually go straight to using couple coats of polyurethane any finishing problems? Will it last long?

  5. Daniel

    HI George: Looking for advice on where/how to find "rough" hardwood lumber. I'm in Denver.Basic Google searching hasn't been fruitful.

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