George Vondriska

Using Screw Pockets and Screw Pocket Jigs

George Vondriska
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Duration:   3  mins

Screw pockets or pocket holes are perfect for piecing together the rails and stiles of a face frame. By using a step drill and a specialized screw pocket jig, you can easily create screw pockets on your next woodworking project.

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7 Responses to “Using Screw Pockets and Screw Pocket Jigs”

  1. Perry

    I have always heard the term Pocket Screws. Why do you call them Screw Pockets?

  2. Al Schwartz

    often when I use a Kreg jig & pocket screws to assemble a face frame, the frame ends up warped even though I believe I have clamped everything down securely. What could I be doing wrong? Any tips or solutions?

  3. Randy

    Craigs jigs are the best.I've had one for quite a few years.

  4. pesi

    But what about continuing the drilling into the mating piece of wood? Isn't some kind of alignment (clamping) necessary?

  5. Ed Derengowski

    Connecting a shop vac to the back does a great job of clearing the chips and containing the mess.If not using the vac attachment, chips clear better with it removed.

  6. Dave Morgan

    Only way to go! Just built a pergola over my back porch and used pocket holes to screw the top 2"x6"s to the frame 2"x6"s. Put in plugs, sanded and finished .... no screw holes to be seen!! Can someone tell me where to get a pocket hole plug cutter? Thanks!

  7. Bill Joseph Griffin

    What brand and make was the jig you were using? I always wonder this question when I see videos . You should post the tools and materials used in your videos. Momma always said to say please, so lol please :) (I used the magic word so you have to now! lol :P)

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