George Vondriska

CA Glue as a Pen Finish

George Vondriska
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Duration:   7  mins

George Vondriska shows you how to use CA glue as a great alternative wood finish for the pens that you turn. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original.

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2 Responses to “CA Glue as a Pen Finish”

  1. Mike

    Beware, the CA glue finish process will also glue the pen blanks to the bushings. Also use Micro Mesh pads sequence dipped in water with a drop of dish detergent just as you would for acrylics.

  2. Robert

    This video got me started on pen turning. I found after a few pens that I couldn't easily get rid of the sanding marks unless I did my last sanding (before finish application) lengthwise - turning the head stock over by hand - and all subsequent finish sanding lengthwise, as well. Three applications works just fine for me. Other people were telling me five or six or even 25 applications and that seemed like a waste of time. I also got an oval skew, saw some videos on how to ride the bevel, and now turning a 3/4 inch blank is fairly quick work. I like the oval skew. It rides the tool rest well. One suggestion - caliper your bushings to find the one that matches the tip joint diameter. The bushings can vary and you don't want a joint at the tip that's slightly uneven. Thanks for the starter advice.

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