Cutting Perfect Dadoes and Grooves Using a Router Edge Guide

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Watch this video and learn how a router edge guide solves a common woodworking problem. ¾” sheet goods typically aren’t really ¾” thick, so custom grooves and dadoes need to be made for well fitting joints. Luckily, the solution is simple: Use a hand-held router with a fixture called a router edge guide, calculate the necessary correction, dial it in and you’ve got a perfect fit.

Hand-Held Router

This woodworking operation is an example of when it’s best to bring the tool to the work instead of the work to the tool. With a router edge guide in place, your hand-held router becomes the perfect tool for cutting dadoes, grooves and mortises.

Getting the Perfect Fit

With your router edge guide in place, you’ll make a preliminary pass and measure the width of the cut with calipers. Then measure the thickness of the piece that will fit into the dado or groove. In the video, we explain how to calculate the amount of adjustment you need to make on the router guide. After you’ve dialed in the adjustment, you’ll make the second pass which will be the exact width needed for precision-fit joinery.

Decorative Application

When you first learn how to use a router, you probably didn’t realize all of the different ways you could use this workhorse of a woodworking tool. With a router edge guide on your hand-held router you can cut the exact space needed for decorative inlay, which is available in countless sizes, patterns and colors. Check out this video to see how you can dress up your next project.

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