George Vondriska

Simple Router Table Push Block

George Vondriska
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Duration:   3  mins

George Vondriska teaches you how to make a simple Router Table Push Block for accurately cutting across the end grain of narrow pieces of wood on a router table without blowback or chipping. He likes to refurbish old push pads by scraping off the worn out rubber pad and drilling the plastic handle to a ¾”, 10×10 base of MDF. This jig allows you greater control over the piece you are cutting on a router table by not allowing it to wobble or “walk”.

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6 Responses to “Simple Router Table Push Block”

  1. Edwin Bailen

    Brass screws might be more prudent, especially as the push block gets smaller.

  2. scott

    what kind of screws are those you are using? They look perfect for a project I am thinking about.

  3. Eric

    Great idea, maybe if you have no left over push handles, why not use a large cupboard door handle? or make one from wood and screw and glue it to the MDF board??

  4. Sammy

    great and simple idea. thank you.

  5. Robert Taylor

    I notice you used fine thread screws. Are that type best for MDF?

  6. indavidjool

    Good tip.

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