How to Easily Sand Custom Moldings

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I have a great job. I frequently get to see cool new tools, and I love having the chance to tell you about them. Here’s an example. The Chatternator is a good example. If you’re making molding on a Woodmaster machine, the Chatternator is a problem solver that can save you A LOT of sanding time.

Making Molding

Making molding on a Woodmaster is a great way to make some extra cash. Custom molding can be a great cottage industry. You can also make molding for your own projects, using any specie of wood you want to use. It’s great to not be limited to the types of wood that commercial suppliers work with.

The Problem

Running wood past a molding head is a straight-forward process. And it’s fun to do. The problem with it is the chatter that typically results, leaving unsightly marks in the face of the molding. These marks REALLY show up under finish.

The Solution

I use flutter sanders all the time on irregular surfaces, and a flutter sander is Chatternator’s solution to the problem of sanding molding. It easily and quickly puts a very nice sanded finish on molding. This is going to save you boat loads of time compared to hand sanding.

More Info

For more info on the Chatternator call (970) 872-2322 or visit Profile Sander’s site.

More on Sanding

Knowing how to sand wood is an inherent part of woodworking. Whether you’re hand sanding or using power sanders in the shop, we’ve got you covered.

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One Response to “How to Easily Sand Custom Moldings”

    The machine’s website indicates that it is specifically for the Woodmaster. My molder isn’t, so it doesn’t appear particularly useful for my shop.


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