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Making Strong Mitered Corners

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If you’ve used mitered corners on any of your woodworking projects, like a picture frame, you may have been concerned about getting enough glue strength in the joint. Here’s a dirt simple trick for making sure you get all the strength you need in your miter joints.

What’s the problem?

The problem with mitered corners is the end grain. End grain in wood looks like a bunch of soda straws, and those “straws” quickly wick up glue, which affects the strength of the joint. The trick to avoiding this problem is pre-treating the end grain. No special products needed for this. Pre-treating is done with something you’ve already got in your shop.

Cutting miters

Plenty of woodworkers struggle with creating miters. It can be tricky. You’ve got to make sure your tools are set up just right, or the miters won’t come out right. The cumulative error adds up quickly, making all of your mitered corners look bad. If you’re making your miters on a miter saw, double check your miter saw setup before cutting your first miter.

Gluing and clamping

Assembling woodworking projects can be tricky. There are lots of great tricks and tips you can use, and WoodWorkers Guild of America has you covered with great info on how to glue and clamp wood together. Be sure and check out our videos and articles.

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