Installing Barrel Hinges

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Watch this video and you’ll learn how to install invisible barrel hinges. Invisible? Yes, when a door fitted with barrel hinges is closed, you can’t see the hinges from the front or the side. Consider installing these disappearing barrel hinges on your next project.

What is a Barrel Hinge?

Barrel hinges are an excellent choice when you don’t want the woodworking hardware showing on the outside of the finished piece. For clean lines and simplicity, barrel hinges are perfect. The drawback to barrel hinges is that they are trickier to install than standard hinges.

Installing a Barrel Hinge

When you learned how to build cabinets, you also learned how to install standard hinges. It’s time to learn something new!

There are several things to remember when you’re working with barrel hinges. First, they come in a variety of sizes and the sizes are metric. You absolutely must drill an exact-match metric-size hole for a barrel hinge. And, those holes must be correctly located or the hinge won’t operate properly. Meticulous layout is a must because there’s no room for adjustment after the holes are drilled. Take your time marking and measuring to make sure everything is aligned correctly before you drill.

Insider’s View

Watch as we show you close-up how the unique barrel hinge mechanism, that includes a slotted screw inside the barrel, locks the hinge into the predrilled hole — it’s ingenious!

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