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Grit Automatic Blast Gates

George Vondriska
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Do you open the blast gates on your tools before turning them on? Do you remember to close each blast gate when you’re done? If your answers include two no’s, there’s a problem. Your dust collector can’t pull dust through a gate that isn’t open. And if you leave unneeded gates open you’ll diminish the performance of your dust collection system. Grit Automation has a very cool dust collection solution for you.

It’s automatic!

With the addition of a trigger and a blast gate control, you’re in business. The trigger is plug and play. Simply put it in line with the tool’s plug. 110-volt or 220-volt, they have them both. The trigger sends a signal when you turn the tool on and off.

No need to buy specialized blast gates. The Grit system works with your gates. The blast gate mechanism installed on your blast gate “talks to” the trigger, and takes care of opening and closing.

With an additional trigger installed on your dust collector (also plug and play) your dust collection system will be fully automated. All you have to do is run your tools, and dust collection will happen by itself.

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