George Vondriska

Great Uses for Trigger Clamps

George Vondriska
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It might be a cliche, but it’s true, you can never have enough clamps. And it’s also true that you need to have the right clamp for the job you’re doing. Bessey’s Trigger Clamps provide lots of “oomph” when you give them a squeeze, and are very versatile, making them a great addition to anyone’s clamp collection.

Trigger Clamps Provide Extra Hands on Hand

Having trigger clamps around is like having extra hands in your shop. In addition to typical woodworking scenarios where you’d need a clamp you can use them to:

  • Secure work to your bench
  • Give you extra gripping power on small items
  • Make custom clamps for specialized applications
  • Easily work one-handed

Easy One-Handed Use

One of the great benefits of trigger clamps is being able to use them with only one hand. How many times have you been in a scenario where you’re holding on to a project with one hand, and you need to get clamp pressure on it? This is pretty common. This style of clamp makes it easy to get the clamp in place while you’re in the middle of something else.

How much pressure?

In addition to being easy to use one-handed, these clamps provide A LOT of pressure; more than enough to do the work you’re asking them to do. Plus, the pads are big and will protect your work from clamp marks.

Tips that’ll help you out

Putting parts together, assembling projects, is something that we’re doing in our shops all the time. Be sure to check out our gluing and clamping tips to make your projects together easily.

More info on Trigger Clamps

For more info on Bessey’s Trigger Clamps visit

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One Response to “Great Uses for Trigger Clamps”

  1. James Pietruszka

    I have a homeowner use for trigger clamps. My windows can be cleaned by pulling in on the window top to clean the outside of the window. Some windows are tight and a fair amount of force is needed to pull the top of the window out of the window channel. I use a trigger clamp in spreading mode to gently spread the two window channels so the window top is easy to pull out, and also to push back in. Clamps with deeper grips work best so as to reach into the window frame and spread directly on the left and right channels.

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