George Vondriska

Fall 2022 Product Showcase: Brunt Boots

George Vondriska
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Duration:   7  mins

Like many of you, I work very long days. I’m pulling my shoes on early in the morning, spending my day in the shop, or running the sawmill, or…who knows what. And pulling my shoes off many hours later. So it’s really important to me that I have good shoes on my feet.

Brunt’s origin

Eric Girouard, who started Brunt, has a background in hands-on trades. He brings his experience, and his buddies’ experiences, to the forefront in developing the Brunt lines. It’s important, I think, that stuff people developed for people in trades and shops is coming from someone who has been in the trades and in shops.

Brunt’s boots

The Brunt Marin is a leather boot that’s waterproof but also breathable. There are three layers of waterproofing built into the boots. You can get it with or without a composite toe. The insole is removable so, if it compresses over time, you can replace it to get back the like-new comfort.

Brunt Ryngs are synthetic instead of leather. Low top Ryngs are a great go-to shoe to wear in the shop. They’re also available as high tops.

Change the width

If you’d like a wider boot, you’re covered. Brunt boots come as a D, but there’s an insert in the boot that can be removed to change the width to an E+. Nice!! You can customize your fit.

Keeping you safe

Brunt Marin boots can help keep your feet safe. WWGOA wants to keep all of you safe. Check out our extensive array of woodworking safety videos.

More info

For more info on Brunt boots and workwear visit

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