WWGOA LIVE! August 2018

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Duration: 1:04:07

Thanks for joining tonight’s LIVE event. Here’s what we covered.

1:22 Saw blade sharpening tools
3:24 Working with kauri
7:18 Table saw safety
13:53 Router table or table saw for jointing
14:17 Building entry and passage doors
17:11 Small miter gauge bar
19:55 Router table choice
22:20 Material for cutting boards
23:30 Starting a woodworking business
26:50 Cutting boards not flat
30:46 Shop made adjustable legs
33:25 Table saw runout
34:00 Hearing protection
35:08 Drawer joints
36:25 Woodworking training
38:34 Sommerfeld router bits
39:00 Drum sander for figured woods?
40:20 Dust collector advice
41:00 SawStop?
43:05 George’s camera set up
43:30 Jointing and planing; correct grain direction
47:40 Clamp pressure
48:53 Ironing veneer for a chessboard
50:10 Titebond III for all applications?
51:54 Japanese pull saw for trimming plugs flush
53:50 Drum sander for figured wood?
54:18 Bandsaw features
54:44 New table saw fence
56:50 Tool cabinet in a damp environment
57:50 ATB or TCG blade?
1:00:01 Cutting logs on the bandsaw

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