Using Cauls and Playing Cards for Even Clamp Pressure

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Duration: 5:15

George Vondriska teaches you a neat little trick for creating tighter biscuit joints on your shelving. After filling them with glue and inserting the biscuits into their slots, he places two playing cards between the case side of the shelf and a wooden caul to ensure adequate pressure in the right places. This will allow the glue to dry uniformly and seamlessly across the entire edge of the shelf.

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4 Responses to “Using Cauls and Playing Cards for Even Clamp Pressure”


    Due to the required consistency of the thickness of poker playing cards, they make great shims for many shop needs. I buy a couple packs at a time at the dollar store. The plastic finish makes them useful to spread glue or clean up squeeze out.

    • WWGOA Team

      Thank you for your comment. The project is a tapered display tower with 3 degrees being the amount of taper.

  2. Ron Michaelsen

    I have found that the king and the 3 cards provide better spacing than the queen and 4. Ah, such a joker.

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