Tips For Central Dust Collection

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Duration: 9:47

Once you’ve invested in a dust collector for your shop and are considering setting it up as a central system, be sure you educate yourself about the best practices for piping the system in. This video will go a long way toward helping you keep your system efficient.

It’s in the details

Creating an efficient central dust collection system is all about the little things. You’ve got to pay attention to the small details to get the system to do what you want it to do. What type of fittings should you buy? Can plumbing fittings be substituted for dust collection fittings? Should you seal the joints? Where should you use flex hose instead of rigid pipe? What type of flex pipe is best? What’s the best way to reduce the diameter of the pipe? This video provides answers to these questions, and will help you make your system efficient.

Elbows, T’s and Y’s

Woodworkers often use the wrong fittings, and this adversely affects their dust control system. Elbows need to be the correct radius, based on the diameter of the pipe they’re connected to. T’s aren’t great, Y’s are a better choice. The video explains why.

More tips

If you’re looking for more help on installing a central dust collection system, and keeping it efficient, have a look at Paul Mayer’s article that provides a simple approach for dust collection ducting.

More info

For more information on Laguna dust collectors and Laguna cyclone dust collectors visit or or

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5 Responses to “Tips For Central Dust Collection”

  1. Michael Thomas

    When using the HVAC piping, do you need to ground it like you would with the PVC piping?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Michael,

      No you don’t. It’s self grounding.

      Paul, Woodworkers Guild of America

  2. lemoser

    I think I have read that cyclone collectors work best when there is not a turn in the duct for until at least 2 feet from the collector inlet. If so, the 45 degree turn recommended should be at least 2 feet from the dust collector if possible (and even 1 foot may be better than an elbow right at the inlet).


    If I’m using schedule 40 pipe …. would it be advisable to use a “street elbow”?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Anthony. Yes, a street elbow is a good idea. The gentler the bend the better, as it is less prone to clogging.

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