George Vondriska

Removing Rust with Electrolysis

George Vondriska
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Duration:   3  mins

Whether you’re restoring old tools or have a few that have seen better days, knowing how to deal with rust is essential. In this video, George Vondriska shows you an interesting and effective technique for removing surface rust from your woodworking tools. Click here to view the article mentioned in this video: Removing Rust with Electrolysis.

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5 Responses to “Removing Rust with Electrolysis”

  1. Bill

    A much simpler and quicker method for removing rust from a metal object is to soak it in Evapo-Rust. The metal will come out looking like new.

  2. bobbg

    Look at the webpage and read the safety. Doing this inside might not be a good idea and keep far away from Sparks or flames.

  3. Robert Gearon

  4. Robert Gearon

    If you use Electrolysis to remove rust and this is strongly recommended, Do it outside, the reason is your breakin down water into its basic elements that's what the bubbles are so your busting the atoms of water into Hydrogen and oxygen ones a explosive gas the other is a gas that helps flames burn. If you do this in an enclosed space near an open flame it could burst into flame or flash over. Also you should not be breathing hydrogen and too much oxygen will make you pass out. This should only be done outside. **Caution** Hydrogen gas reacts explosively with oxygen (in the presence of heat) to produce water vapor. Take Michael Sullivan's advise seriously about shutting down the power before adjusting/removing the electrodes. If you are using electrolysis to remove rust...and have a considerable broth of very cautious. That broth is not the place to discard a glowing cigarette ember, lit match...or any other spark. Be warned...!! Read safety first. Doing this inside a wood shop might not be the best idea.

  5. Roger

    I have several steel wire fan covers removed from an old cooler. I've tried using the electrolysis method you've described in a 30 gal. plastic container and after 48 hours still have rust and paint on the steel. Is the size of my container an issue? Do i need more than 2 amp from my charger? Any help will be appreciated.

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