Router Dust Collection with the Oneida Router Hood

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Routers make a mess, there are no two ways around around it. And it’s always been hard to achieve good router dust collection, at least until now. The new Universal Dust-Free Router Hood from Oneida Air Systems provides a great solution to the problem of dust coming pouring off of your hand-held router.

Attaching the hood

The Router Hood comes with a huge variety of hole choices for mounting to a router. I was able to easily put the base on routers from Bosch, DeWalt, and Porter Cable. Oneida has a nice chart of router the base will fit their web site. If you’re not sure about your machine, check out the list.

How effective is it?

I used the Router Hood for edge forming and freehand routing, and was very pleased with how well it worked. Connected to a standard shop vacuum, the hood easily picked up most of the dust and shavings my router created. I love that, not only was my shop cleaner, but I wasn’t getting a bunch of wood airborne and headed for my lungs.

Does it get in the way?

Having a hose connected to the router takes a little getting used to, but after just a few minutes I was comfortable with the set up. It’s worth going through the learning curve of having a hose connected in order to reap the benefits the hood offers.

For more info:

For more information on Oneida’s Router Hood visit their web page, or give them a call at (800) 732-4065.

More about routers and routing

Routers are incredibly versatile tools. Want to make certain you’re getting the most out of yours? Have a look at the great router videos that WWGOA offers.

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    • Steven

      That doesn’t sound good. I was going ask if he used a dust collector or shop vac but if it’s going to break it doesn’t really matter.

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