Miter Saw Setup for Accurate Cuts

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When I walk up to my miter saw and make a cut, I want to know for a fact that the cuts I’m making are accurate. Whether I’m making a 90-degree cut, an angled cut or a beveled cut, I put the same demands on the saw; do what I’m asking you to do. Accurately.

Setting up your miter saw

Miter saw setup isn’t hard, and it’s something that needs to be done, even to a brand new saw. You’ve got to double check and make sure the saw is making the cuts you need. Instead of trying to use a square between the blade and fence, try this approach for checking your saw. Make a pair of cuts, and compare them to each other. This is a very accurate way to that your miter saw setup is good. Here’s a tip; the wider the boards are that you cut, the more accurate this test will be.

Works for bevels and angles

The approach shown here for miter saw setup works whether you’re checking the angle of your miter saw, or the bevel of your miter saw. The only difference is that you’ll use narrower boards to check the bevel. In both cases, make sure that the edge of the board that’s against the fence or down on the table is perfectly straight.

A much used tool…

If you’re like me, you’re using your miter saw all the time. Make sure that you’re using a miter saw correctly and, if you want to know more, but sure to have a close look at because we’ve got even more miter saw videos available for you.

More info

For more information on the Delta Cruzer miter saw visit, or call (800) 223-7278.

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