Choosing the Right Table Saw Blades

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Duration: 9:09

A table saw is the heart of most woodworking shops and the heart of the table saw is the saw blade. There are many different types and saw blades on the market today and each is designed to serve a different purpose. George Vondriska explains the differences between three common table saw blades, from the number of teeth to the size of the gullets and which are best for cross cutting and which are best for ripping.

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2 Responses to “Choosing the Right Table Saw Blades”


    Many thanks for this video, never knew there were so many options for table saw blades.
    I am looking to buy a blade for melamine, now I know it has to be a TCG type.
    But I am unsure about the rake angle, I have seen angles from 10 degrees, zero degrees and also negative 6 degrees.
    Can you kindly illustrate the differences please?
    Can I use a negative 2 degrees blade on a table saw?


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