George Vondriska

All About CA Glue

George Vondriska
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Duration:   14  mins

Do you have a bottle of cyanoacrylate (CA) glue in your shop? If not, hopefully we can help you understand the benefits and the many uses that you will find for this remarkable adhesive product. Bob Behnke, an adhesives expert from Franklin International (Titebond), stopped by to visit with George they discussed the characteristics and merits of CA glue.

Some of the CA glue topics that George and Bob discussed include:

The background of CA glue. Did you know that CA was partially developed as a medical product, and still has application there today?

Using CA glue as a finish. Did you know that you can use CA as a finish on your turning projects? It’s highly durable, easy to apply, and provides a beautiful luster.

What applications are best suited to using CA glue? PVA glue is the more common glue for woodworking projects, but some situations are better suited for CA glue. Knowing which glue to use is important.

Choosing the right CA glue for a given application. Once you’ve decided that CA glue is the best choice for a given application, you’ll have another choice to make. There are several CA glues on the market, with different viscosity for different applications.

How to accelerate the cure time of CA glue. CA glue is the fastest setting glue in the world of shop adhesives, but sometimes you require even more curing speed. Bob explains how to use CA accelerator, and why you should not overdo it.

Understanding glue, including CA, is important to help you build your projects with confidence. Check out some of the woodworking project videos and articles that WWGOA has to offer.

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